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5 days


This workshop provides a solid foundation for new entrants to the world of corporate banking, and equips them with the knowledge and skills to successfully manage relationships with existing and prospective corporate clients.

The programme covers a range of ‘soft’ and technical skills, ranging from an understanding of corporate and investment banking products through to state-of-the art marketing and relationship management techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce a culture of ‘client-centricity’, emphasizing the importance of a strategic planning approach to Client Relationship Management.
  • Formulate a Client Value Proposition by interacting with all the relevant internal stakeholders and project managing the process.
  • Understand different personality types and effective ways of negotiating with both external and internal stakeholders.
  • Comprehend the banking requirements and priorities of a range of corporate clients.
  • Understand the suite of products available to corporate clients, including funding alternatives, cash management, transactional banking, investment banking and financial risk management.
  • Conform to local and international compliance imperatives, including Know-Your-Client, Anti-Money Laundering and Treating Customers Fairly.
  • Understand the credit approval process, conduct financial analyses to assess creditworthiness and prepare credit applications.
  • Develop an appropriate pricing strategy for multi- and single product clients.