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3 days


This workshop is aimed at treasury dealers and corporate relationship managers who wish to acquire a competent understanding of how treasury products can be successfully applied to the needs of their corporate clients.

The workshop comprises a series of short presentations, followed by a number of real-life case studies for the delegates to examine and discuss. The workshop will seek to explain the typical motivations of corporations when managing financial exposures, as well as best practices for providing appropriate hedging solutions to non-professional counterparties.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the range of products and services offered by treasury for the risk management of corporate exposures
  • Identify the credit risk implications of treasury products
  • Appreciate a corporation’s view of exposure management
  • Understand relevant accounting and tax issues
  • Examine the risk and reputational issues surrounding the use of derivative products for managing corporate exposures, and the relevant regulatory prescriptions
  • Understand the profiles and motivations of typical corporate clients