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Market mania provides a fun simulation of a stock exchange environment guaranteed to deliver a memorable experience for the following occasions:

  • Gala Dinner
  • Corporate lunch
  • Employee motivation
  • Conference breakaway
  • Product launches
  • Client entertainment

Our professional team of ex-dealers, ex-traders and ex-cons will guide you through the dangerous but exhilarating world of high finance, as your team seeks to seize opportunities, avoid pitfalls and still be home before the sun comes up.

Teams will be required to make bets on a select number of shares utilising:

  • In-house research
  • Media information
  • Tip offs
  • Market instincts

The ‘Wheel of Justice’ turns slowly but surely – BEWARE OF INSIDER TRADING….

Market Mania can be tailored to your needs and can be designed to incorporate a learning experience. For more inside information please contact us.