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The PAL Programme for PRM™ candidates

The PAL (Progress Assessment Library) Programme has been developed by Peter Skerritt & Associates as an essential educational tool for Professional Risk Manager (PRM™) candidates, comprising a number of online tests and mock exams.

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What does the programme entail?

The programme comprises the following key features:

Online Assessment Tests

Candidates are provided with access to a library of online assessment tests and a recommended study methodology contained in our Study Guide. Each of the tests is presented in the same multiple-choice format as the real PRMIA exams, and specifically addresses the learning outcomes as they appear in the PRM™ Study Guides.

These questions have been prepared by our expert faculty based on their personal experiences of the PRMIA exams.

Completion of a test is possible 24/7 and is immediately followed by a score and detailed explanation of the answers with relevant calculations.

Mock Exams

In addition to the library of individual assessment tests, we also provide candidates with two mock exams per PRM™ exam, which reflect the precise duration and level of difficulty of the real exam.

Completion of a mock exam is possible 24/7 and is immediately followed by a score and detailed explanation of the answers with relevant calculations.

N.B. To ensure our candidates are comprehensively prepared for the real PRMIA exams, completion of the PAL tests and mock exams is subject to the same time constraints as those exams.

Number of Questions

The PAL programme comprises the following number of questions per exam:

Exam Questions
I 320
II 180
III 400
IV 100
All 1000

E-mail Help Facility

Candidates are welcome to mail us concerning any queries regarding the PAL questions. A response is normally supplied within 24 hours.

What is the fee?

Individual registrations

The fees payable for individual registrations are as follows:

PRM Exam Fee
I USD 95
I, II, III and IV USD 245


The following discounts on the above fees are available for multiple registrations:

Number of registrations Discount
10 10%
20 15%
50 20%
100 25%

* South African candidates will be subject to a VAT charge of 14% as required by law.

Payment can be effected via EFT or PayPal, and details will be provided upon registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time restriction on access to the system?

No, candidates are permitted to write the tests and mock exams at any time following registration and there is no restriction on this. There is, however, a restriction on the number of times the tests and mock exams can be viewed, although we are flexible in granting extended access where required.

When may candidates enrol?

Candidates may enrol on the programme at any time and are welcome from any geographical location.

Can I see feedback from previous candidates?

“The online tests provided by Peter Skerritt & Associates are really helpful in preparing for the exam. They provide comprehensive coverage of the individual study sections and provide a confidence boost in knowing that you have mastered that portion of the work.”

“The mock exams provided are in some ways more difficult than the actual exam, which improves your chances of passing the exam. The timed web interface mimics the exam conditions, which help the learner to be prepared and comfortable for the exam.”

 “I found the mock exams very helpful and to be an accurate reflection of the actual test. Both the mock exams and the section tests were invaluable in preparing for the exam by highlighting areas of the work I didn’t know too well.”

How do I register?

Please complete and return the registration form to the e-mail address listed in the form.