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Introductory / intermediate

Location and Duration 

Johannesburg; 3 days


This workshop introduces the role of asset and liability management (ALM) as a vital function for value creation, performance measurement and, above all, sound risk management.

The programme is designed around the use of a cloud-based simulator, in order for delegates to understand the practical impact of a variety of strategies on the balance sheet and income statement of a full-service bank.

Delegates work in groups in order to achieve maximum Balance Sheet optimization, in a competing economy that reflects a real-life African environment with high interest rates, limited sources of liquidity, high credit default rates and stringent capital and other regulatory requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how value is created and performance measured in a full-service bank
  • Identify and measure exposure to liquidity and market risk
  • Conform to internal and external capital requirements and other regulations
  • Design strategies to control risks and maximise earnings within budgeted limits
  • Understand the key principles, imperatives, and techniques of asset-liability management


ZAR 13 950 + VAT

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