ACI Operations Certificate New Version E-Learning


The ACI Operations Certificate New Version Exam has been designed to cover the basic competence skills for the new entrants in roles of Back and Middle Office environments, as a well-trained and efficiently organized Treasury Operations Department is essential to complete very financial markets transaction.

Based upon the competence skills provided by the ACI Operations Certificate New Version, future financial market professionals will be expected to prove their knowledge of, and adherence to, good market practices embedded in the FX Global Code and other relevant industry Codes and Regulations.

The qualification is designed for:

  • Recent entrants to Treasury
  • Operations department (Back and Middle Office)
  • Other support areas to the
  • Treasury/Dealing room
  • Internal and external auditors
  • Compliance and risk officers
  • Product control staff
  • Vendors

There are five core subject areas (Topics) in the ACI Operations Certificate New Version:

  1. Financial Markets Environment
  2. Foreign Exchange
  3. Rates (Money and Interest Rate Markets)
  4. Fixed Income, Currency and Commodity Derivatives
  5. Financial Markets Applications