Reshma Rajwani

Reshma Rajwani – Distinction Holder

What were your objectives in signing up for the ACI Diploma workshop/programme?

The ACI Diploma was a fantastic personal challenge and a strategic move for my career aspirations in the financial world.  ACI accreditation indeed carries weight in the global financial market and can open doors to a wide range of career opportunities abroad. It showcases one’s commitment to excellence and professionalism in financial markets, which is highly valued by employers and institutions worldwide.

Which feature of the workshop/programme did you find most useful?

The mentors who delivered the programme are industry experts with a lot of “lived experiences”. In addition the lectures were very interactive.

What advice would you offer someone starting out on their journey towards ACI accreditation?

Stay committed to your goals and remain persistent in overcoming challenges and setbacks that you may encounter along the way. Manage your time and practice all the questions. The end result of dedication and hard work is incredibly rewarding!


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