Ryan Ishmael Akalah

Ryan Ishmael Akalah – Distinction Holder

What were your objectives in signing up for the ACI Dealing Certificate workshop/programme?

I sought to be an expert in the global financial markets and to join local and international professionals in the FICC cash and derivatives sphere. And what better way to do this than certification coupled with real-life experience.

Which feature of the workshop/programme did you find most useful?

The lectures and the e-PAL notes were done so professionally. Clearly no assumptions were made in the preparation of the material. Complex knowledge has been simplified to make everyone understand it. If Peter Skerrit and Peter Scullion taught me from my early education to campus I’d be a Harvard alumni today!

What advice would you offer someone starting out on their journey towards ACI accreditation?

Get to the lectures in time. Second, anytime you fail to understand even a single word of the lectures, fearlessly ask for clarification. Finally, DO NOT get in to the exam without having read the entire e-PAL content, and done the questions AND THE MOCKS – SEVERALLY. “Putting in the hours” is too underrated these days.


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"Wisest is he who knows he does not know."