Shaeeza Adam

Shaeeza Adam – Distinction Holder

What were your objectives in signing up for the ACI Dealing Certificate workshop/programme?

To gain an understanding of the different financial instruments, markets and trading procedures in order to better support front-office dealers, as a middle-office employee.

Which feature of the workshop/programme did you find most useful?

The quiz at the end of each lesson, as it demonstrated the extent to which I understand that topic and gave me a better idea of where my weaker points were and how much more effort I needed to put in.

What advice would you offer someone starting out on their journey towards ACI accreditation?

A fundamental understanding of each section is important, doing the quizzes and tests without reading the material isn’t the best idea. Start early, there is a lot of content to cover and it is easy to mess up even in a seemingly insignificant way – which may cause you to fail.


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