Vivek Kothary

Vivek Kothary

What were your objectives in signing up for the ACI Dealing Certificate workshop/programme?

My key objectives for signing up for the ACI Dealing Certificate were to broaden my financial sector knowledge base as well as equip myself for the specific skillsets required for the 21st Century Treasury dealing room in order to best serve my organization.

Which feature of the workshop/programme did you find most useful?

The course was broad in nature, covering a wide variety of topics from economics, forex, derivatives, regulations and balance sheet management and was truly informative. The online lectures were engaging and interactive, the online course material was substantial and there were plenty of questions and examples to work through.

What advice would you offer someone starting out on their journey towards ACI accreditation?

I would recommend that any prospective ACI Dealing Candidate should make studying for the course and the examination a top priority. The amount of material to be studied is voluminous and a distinction requires a substantial amount of hard work and consistent effort.


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