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Location and Duration

Johannesburg; 5 days


The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) is a non-profit professional association, governed by a Board of Directors directly elected by its global membership, of more than 81,995 members in 205 countries. PRMIA is represented globally by 60 chapters in major cities around the world, led by Regional Directors appointed by PRMIA’s Board.

PRMIA’s mission is to provide a free and open forum for the promotion of sound risk management standards and practices globally. To accomplish this mission, PRMIA’s objectives are:

  • To be a leader of industry opinion and a proponent for the risk management profession
  • Drive the integration of practice and theory and certify the credentials of professional risk managers
  • Connect practitioners, researchers, students and others interested in the field of risk management
  • Be global in focus, promoting cross-cultural ethical standards, serving emerging as well as more developed markets
  • Work with other professional associations in furtherance of PRMIA’s mission

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the APRM syllabus, as provided by PRMIA, are as follows:

  • Gain a familiarity with the concept of risk management and its place in the business, organization or system
  • Gain an overall understanding of the concepts of risk management techniques in a non-quantitative framework
  • Understand how ‘governance’ fits into the concept of risk management
  • Understand the concepts of risk and return
  • Gain a familiarity with the structure and workings of various financial markets
  • Gain a familiarity with the financial instruments used in risk management
  • Understand the concepts of interest rate risk and hedging
  • Understand the concepts of asset-liability management
  • Understand the concepts of market risk management
  • Understand the concepts of retail and commercial credit risk management
  • Understand the concepts of operational risk management
  • Understand how performance can be measured
  • Understand the concept of enterprise risk management
  • Understand industry standards and best practices of financial risk management


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